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Mini fixtures Sunday 23 January @ 10:30 am Away

Seapoint start 2022 as they left off with a fine performance on the road

By Jaime McKeown

An emotionally charged return to the alma mater for some coaches and memories of past encounters for others (usually victories) swept aside as the next generation take on Terenure to write their own chapters in history

Sunday 23 January 2022 @ Terenure College

A fixture against Terenure always generated a longing for Bertie Bassett Liquorice Allsorts back in this coach’s schooldays given the interesting blend of colours on their jersey (props will be props) but still, encounters were rarely “sweet” when up against the ‘nure, a team that could put the “gic” in magic or tragic depending on what side of the ruck you were on.

But that was then and this is now and despite the early start, the sun was shining and the boys were suited, booted and raring to go – none more so than Federico in  his last match before heading to pastures new (did we mention the chocolates?) and Mohammed who in his debut match for Seapoint was ready to rock and roll in the ruck and maul.

After a quick warm-up and stretches (thanks Dry January but those toes ain’t getting aaannnyyyy closer since Christmas), Head Coach Mark gave the pre-match pep talk and shared the Ever So Top Secret Match-Day Tactics (I could tell you what they were but then, as you know, I’d have to ki…. you get the idea).

The squad split into three and here’s the tale of the tape…

Team Blue

Mathew B’s tackling – if it moved, he tackled it – showed great determination and running lines while Amaury’s passing and tackling were punctuated with French flair in attack and some well executed catches and passes to keep the ball alive and opposition guessing.

Julian and Oscar B made the hard yards with damaging runs sucking in the opposition’s defence and finding holes for the team to exploit, like James “I’m on the wing!!” Kavanagh’s tries, rewarding great patience, pace and quick hands to deservedly cross the try line.

Heist of the week was Oscar C’s wonderful steal in the ruck showing the importance of seeing where the ball is and playing the whistle.

Paddy’s hat trick, tip tackle and interplay with Amaury and Matthew reflected a strong performance he can be rightly pleased of while Charlie’s strong running and awareness when passing out of tackle resulted in him scoring tries on a whim as Seapoint cantered home at the end.

Sam McAwesome Pass’s totally awesome pass showed lightning quick awareness to keep the ball alive and was up there with Play of the Day while Jack and Harry made further improvements and know they will demand bigger performances of themselves for the next round of matches in two weeks.

Team Black

Dexter, Sam, Rory and Dylan led with a powerful running and brave tackling display, never backing down against big opposition.

Sean and James C showed amazing speed and footwork running in tries for fun. James had the skill Play of the Day with an amazing O’Driscollesque scoop to collect his own kick and run in a try. Glorious.

Mohammed had an amazing debut and the Power Play of the Day, carrying at least five Terenure players on his back for 20metres or maybe even the whole field by the time the story was recounted in school the next day.

Ciaran put in a fantastic try saving tackle on the right wing, his best yet, while Daniel and Jamie showed great passing and some lovely runs to cap off a fine team display.

Team Green

Federico on his testimonial match for Seapoint was our Player of the Day. Immense carrying and impact at the breakdown. He’ll be sorely missed (did we mention the chocolates Federico? Remember we had a deal!).

Luke had another massive game in attack but particularly in defence, not only tackling but driving the Terenure boys backwards way past the ball in the ruck.

Ross – superb attacking, running some lovely lines and put his body on the line in defence again and again and again!

Tom, Bobby and Eoghan had super attacking games and each had a high tackle count.

Hugh, Matthew, James M and Daniel upped their games today putting in some big hits and support play.


On the whole, a well-balanced morning with enough good, bad and ugly moments to give us all something to be proud of along with plenty to keep working hard at in training.

With the Taoiseach and Dr Tony turning off the Covid light switch (I know it’s not gone away but it’s hopefully running scared!) and the Six Nations on the horizon, we hope to dust off the social diary in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

But for now, well done boys, backroom team and loyal supporters and as we’re delighted to welcome Mohammed to the squad and expect great things from him, we also say thanks again and goodbye to Federico – it’s been a real pleasure having you as part of the squad and we wish you and the family all the very best for your next adventure and hopefully paths will cross again!


p.s. did I mention the chocolates Federico? You can just send them to me, I’ll be sure to share them out with everyone… promise…


Terenure 3 - 3 Seapoint Rugby Club

  • Sunday 23 January 2022 @ 10:30 am
  • Mini fixtures 
  • Away

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