Seapoint club kit

Seapoint colours are black, blue and green Jerseys and black Shorts with the addition of pink to
our girls’ jerseys.

Seapoint kit

The basic kit includes the jersey, shorts and long socks worn just to the knee.  

All kit is available from online or in store in Sandyford Industrial Estate (map).

For colder weather it’s important that children are well insulated to keep as warm as possible while still allowing movement.  Thermal under garments (vests & leggings), wind shields, fingerless mitts and hats can help. All clothing should be World Rugby compliant (Regulation 12).

During training, match time and / or drills with contact and tackling etc no clothing with a hooded top and or zips should be worn, or jewelry/accessories such as fitness trackers.

Rugby boots should be worn, and studs must comply with World Rugby Specifications (Regulation 12, Schedule 2).  Moulded rubber multi studded soles are acceptable, provided they have no sharp edges or ridges. Scrum caps can help avoid minor bumps, cuts and scratches.

It is strongly recommended that all players wear a properly fitted mouth guard both for training and for matches. This is mandatory for youth/minis.