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Mini fixtures Sunday 1 October @ 11:00 am Away

Game 1
The first match saw a tough opening 8 minutes for Seapoint, with a several tries conceded. Blackrock were quick top get into shape at the kick off, and when they received the ball they could either run or pass around us with ease.

After finally working through a few phases, Seapoint conceded a further 2 tries despite some good honest work.

At 6 tries down we got our first try from Sam and the ref blew for half time.

[Half time score 6-1 to Blackrock]

The second half kicked off and while Seapoint were up for it, a further two tries were conceded quite easily. But soon after, some great phases of play saw the ball being work it to Eoghan Morrisey after a huge carry from Cian Shanley were he was tackled, regained his footing and played on. A couple more quick phases, and Eoghan touched down.

From the kick off, we fielded the ball really well, worked it to Louie who then moved up the gears to score in the into the corner, making full use of the wide pitch.

Again the kick off was fielded well by Seapoint, and despite some direct running, the ball was turned over. Seapoint were able to tackle their player into touch, from which a fantastic try was scored by Stephen.

Seapoint with 3 tries in a row!

Unfortunately we dropped the next restart, which resulted in a rock scrum, a period of possession and then a try – followed by another one to finish out the game to leave it at 10-4 to Rock.

Game 2
A much quicker start in the second game, but again against a very well organised Rock team, who scored the first try. A second one could have been added soon after, if not for a grounding over the dead ball line.

Seapoint pulled a good try back from Sam McGarry to level it, but got stopped from scoring a good try by Eoghan on the restart on their line, which they ultimately repaid with a try of their own.

We then had another huge opportunity to score from a massive crash ball penalty through Keelin, which somehow didn’t get over the line and Rock struck back with a 3rd try before half time.

[Half time score 3-1 to Blackrock]

Fromm the kick off we scored a great try through Harry Kelly from good possession he could run on to, but Rock replied with their own try. More hard work for Seapoint was rewarded with a penalty, which was set up for Keelin to crash the ball over the try line to score.

Rock kicked their restart and our guys fielded it really well and worked it to Louie who used the width of the pitch to run into the corner.

The next try was from another restart where Seapoint worked the ball to Louie, who gobbled up the space and scored into the corner. Rock got the next try but it was still very much ‘game on’ . Seapoint scored the next try through another Keelin crash ball.

From the restart the ball was played to Niall Campbell, who did all but score a try to put the result beyond doubt, however in the process, the referee awarded a penalty to Rock.

From here, Rock scored a try and ref blew up the whistle to draw the match level at 6-6 with the final play off the game.

Blackrock College 4 - 0 Seapoint Rugby Club

  • Sunday 1 October 2023 @ 11:00 am
  • Mini fixtures 
  • Away

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