U-15 (2007)

U-15 (2007)


Manager(s):Mark Kelly
For players born in: 2007
Training is at:Sunday: 12.00pm to 1.35pm, Wednesdays: 7.45pm to 8.45pm

We are the Seapoint U15 team and all new rugby players to our group are most welcome. The team caters for all players born during the calendar year 2007. We play and train at Kilbogget Park, Churchview Road, Killiney every Sunday and Wednesday. Training times are below, and matches are on Sundays and the times will vary depending on whether it is a home or away game and on pitch availability.

Player safety and enjoyment is paramount, both to Seapoint and the IRFU. Children are introduced to more features of the full game as they progress through the age groups. This approach means that the children can be focused on enjoying a team sport without having to learn a lot of complex rules first. It also means the more physical aspects of the game are introduced in a highly controlled manner.

If you are interested in a place for this season, or potentially next, get in touch with Mark Kelly. Everybody welcome! Every ability welcome!

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