Boys U-13 (2012)

Boys U-13 (2012)


Manager(s):Darrin Morrissey
For players born in: 2012
Training is at:Sunday Mornings: 10:30 - 11:50; Wednesday Evenings: 6:30-7:30

Now that the season is underway it is important that everyone is registered. Registration forms are available in the Clubhouse. Without being registered players are not covered by the Club’s insurance policy. Also, without your contact details we cannot get in touch with you about training and matches etc.

And the club needs the money!

We train on Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:50 and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 in pretty much all conditions unless there’s a weather warning or pitch closure. Please ensure your child arrives early, dressed for the weather, gumshield in and ready to go so they can get warmed-up and broken into groups. A good breakfast also helps, especially porridge on the cold mornings.

It is vitally important that parents or their deputies are on hand throughout training to deal with any bumps and bruises that might arise, as well as water dispensing and shoelace tying. There is always the possibility that the session may end early so while we know you’d hate to miss the action on the pitch, if you really need to be elsewhere, please delegate to an obliging (and reliable!) parent and be sure your child knows who to go to in your absence, where to find their water/gear and any post-training arrangements.

Matches are played home and away against other clubs, mainly in the South Dublin area. Some of these will be centrally organised Mini Blitzes involving three or four clubs, others will be friendly matches we arrange ourselves. Details will be communicated in advance so please ensure you are on the WhatsApp Group and Teamer – advise the coaches if you aren’t so you don’t miss out.

For matches, kit needed consists of a Seapoint jersey, club socks and black shorts (see, along with boots (no blades) and a gumshield (see below).

For training, boots and gumshield are essential, after that, just ensure the kids are warm with easy-peel layers – tracksuit bottoms/tops, training tops, thermal base layers if cold etc.

To reduce risk of injury, avoid hoodies and zips given the kids are tackling. Birthdays and Christmas are good opportunities to top-up on other gear like gloves, beanie caps, boot bags, water bottles etc.

Gumshields are easily available from all good sports shops and also in the Clubhouse. It is also important that they are fitted properly – a video guide is available at Also check regularly for jagged edges as kids have been known to chew these 🙂

Like any Club, we can only exist with the active involvement of parents, off the pitch as well as on it. Don’t worry if you haven’t played rugby before or have not been involved in Seapoint. This is Minis Rugby – not the Six Nations! Many hands make light work and the bigger the pool, the less we need to exploit a handful of volunteers so if you’re willing to get involved and help with crowd control, post-match festivities, team admin and social events, please get in touch so we can get you Garda vetted, up and running.

In conclusion
Our objective is to build a community around this group of boys that lasts long after this season while making sure your kids enjoy playing rugby and are proud to be a member of Seapoint.


Read information and guidance about Seapoint kit & equipment