Boys U-13 (2011)

Boys U-13 (2011)


Manager(s):Mark Sweeney
For players born in: 2011
Training is at:Wednesdays 1830-1930 and Sundays 1030-1200

Head Coaches & Fixtures:

  • Mark Sweeney
  • Gary McLoughlin

Assistant Coaches:

  • Alex Timmis
  • Dara O’Donnell
  • Edwin McPartling
  • Garrett Hughes
  • Garrett Quinn
  • Jaime McKeown
  • John Clinch
  • Neil Maclochlann
  • Riain D’Arcy
  • Shane Collins
  • Simon Cosgrave

Events & Engagement: Karen Chamberlaine & Brianan Byrne

Official Photographer: Damien Corcoran

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Resources, Tips and Tricks:


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Videos and ideas for drills and skills to practice at home…

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The Scrum:

The Jackal:

Attack Lines and 1-3-3-1:

Hand/Eye Coordination – Rugby Ball Juggling:

Passing Skills:

Up and Under – how high can they throw or kick a ball in the air and catch it again? Great confidence builder for restarts or findings yourself under a highball in the backfield.

Clearance Kick – how far and accurately can you kick a ball? While we still want to keep the ball in-hand, with kicking now permitted this can be a handy skill to relieve pressure/find space whether you’re a forward or a back.

Target Practice – for wannabe hookers, mark 3 points on a wall in a straight vertical line but at different heights and aim for these one by one (use chalk to mark these unless parents approve otherwise 😁).

High Jump – great for lineout jumpers. Again standing side on to a wall, pole, tree or similar, bend the knees then do a straight-up jump and tap the wall etc. with your inside hand – mark the spot each time and try to beat it with your next jump.

Long Pass – no more throwing the ball in the air and hoping someone will catch it! Mark a point on a wall or similar like a dartboard 🎯 about bellybutton high, stand back and pass the ball trying to hit the mark. Practice off your left and right sides and take a step closer if you miss it and a step further back if you get it. Measure how far you’ve thrown and successfully in range.



Click on the links below for the pictures from each of the matches…

2023/2024 Season

2024-02-11 – Old Belvedere vs Seapoint Blue 2011s (U13) Leinster League semi final
2024-01-28 – North Meath vs Seapoint B 2011s (U13)
2024-01-07 – St. Marys vs Seapoint B 2011s (U13)
2023-11-19 – Seapoint 2011s (U13) vs Clontarf B
2023-11-19 – Seapoint 2011s (U13) vs Bective
2023-10-01 – Greystones vs Seapoint U13s

2022/2023 Season

2023-05-06 – End of season blitz against Galwegians, Corinthians and Galway Bay
2023-03-25 – Seapoint U12s at Willow Rugby Blitz. Matches against Nass, Bruff, Nenagh Ormond, St. Marys Ulster, Midland WRS, Willow, St. Michaels, Stradbrook, St. Marys Connacht and Tullamore.
2023-03-19 – Seapoint 2011 boys vs Gorey
2023-02-26 – Garda Westmanstown vs Seapoint 2011 boys
2023-01-28 – Seapoint 2011 boys vs Mullingar @ RDS
2023-01-15 – Seapoint U12s (2011 boys) vs St Marys
2022-11-27 – Malahide vs Seapoint
2022-11-20 – Seapoint vs Naas
2022-11-13 – Seapoint vs Clondalkin (photos)
2022-11-13 – Seapoint vs Clondalkin (video)
2022-10-23 – Bective Rangers vs Seapoint
2022-10-02 – DLSP vs Seapoint

2021/2022 Season

2022-05-08 – Belfast Harlequins vs Seapoint
2022-04-25 – Big Blitz, Seapoint U11s
2022 Seapoint Big Blitz, Ireland’s largest U10, U11 & U11 Rugby Blitz
2022-04-10 – Seapoint vs Stillorgan & St. Brigids
2022-04-02 – Seapoint Rugby Club v Donhead School (UK)
2022-03-27 – Seapoint U11s vs Lansdowne
2022-03-20 – Seapoint U11s vs Old Belvedere RFC
2022-03-06 – Seapoint U11s vs St. Brigids / Clondalkin

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