Message from The President

Message from The President

Greetings fellow Seapoint members. Hoping this finds everyone well and as the nights close in and the mercury starts to drop  it is notable that the lights and heat are coming up on the rugby pitch and other activities in our great club!

We are well underway across all squads with our Senior Firsts, Seconds, Thirds and Under 20s all making a solid start to the season and credit to all the players, coaches management and supporters that are making these matches a weekend must, both home and away for quality rugby entertainment. A formal shout out to John Montayne who has taken on the Director of Rugby role and wishing him every success as we all pull together to grow and reach our full potential across every squad and age grade.

Our MY section is fully back and over 540 youths and minis – boys and girls regularly now on a Sunday morning including the most excellent Dragons squad. For youths, League and Cup games underway where we are already making a great showing thanks again to all the hard work put in by all involved. The organisation that goes into this is phenomenal and as are now covering every age grade MY and Senior, we are the envy of many a club.

On the topic of getting involved with the club and helping out across many aspects in the day to day running of Seapoint RC that I would like to take a moment to formally thank everyone that does so. It is a huge effort and often not recognised what it takes outside and inside to provide the facilities and operation that we have day to day, week to week.

On any given week in a Season there are over 150 volunteers involved, from match day support, bar duty, coaching, team management, fundraising, communications, financial management, cleaning, governance, events organisation, logistics, social media management, photography, clubhouse maintenance, coffee rota, BBQ and on and on it goes.  THANK YOU all so much for this.  

Volunteer recognition is always an area that we can improve on, and additionally Volunteer recruitment is becoming increasingly important to support the club’s continued growth.  We always have an urgent need. I can say from personal experience, in the areas listed above where I have had a chance to contribute, it is one of, if not the most rewarding aspects of my own Seapoint Journey and I would urge anyone that has even a couple of hours each week to come forward – the difference that many hands make is incalculable – you will be made most welcome.

With this in mind, we are launching shortly a Volunteer Management Office (VMO) where we can better manage people’s time/skills/availability and kind offers to get involved.  We will be able to see what parts of the club are short and in what areas we can apply our members skillsets and passions to make us even better. We will also improve recognition and be able to coordinate better. We hope to have a spot on the website to advertise areas that are short of support and also if you do volunteer skills and time that are not there, we can put you in the right direction to the right team.

There is a separate email for contact If you are not already volunteering, have some time, want to get more involved please drop us a line.

In addtion to ongoing requirements – coaching  – Sunday mornings etc,  we currently we have a need for volunteers to get involved on an Events team to help with a full upcoming schedule. This may involve planning for the event or maybe just a couple of hours support ad hoc as your time allows. We also are seeking to grow the communications team. If you have good Social Media skills or a background in PR – we would be grateful for whatever time you can give us.  There are many other areas, and we will get those advertised asap.

I will update again over the coming weeks as we grow our cohort and once again sincere thanks to everyone already involved in providing a super environment to play rugby and enjoy the club whether you are young or old, playing or non-playing 5 or 55 or many multiples of that